Salesforce And Partners Drop More Than 20 New Analytics Apps

Salesforce released more than 20 new analytics apps Thursday, two built in-house and the rest from its partner community.

The applications beef up the CRM leader's Wave Analytics portfolio, delivering more industry-specific solutions to customers looking to crunch and visualize their business data.

Salesforce's direct contributions to enhancing its portfolio were an app to support business-to-business marketing, and another for the financial services industry. The San Francisco-based company also released new dashboard and dataset designing tools to help customers personalize their Wave apps.

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Those products are complemented by 19 new apps from Salesforce technology partners — delivering capabilities across a cross-section of verticals, including public health, retail and telecommunications.

"The market has shifted to in-context, actionable, collaborative and mobile," said Ketan Karkhanis, Salesforce's senior vice president of product management, who heads the company's analytics cloud.

Salesforce has seen its partners mature their capabilities in building solutions on top of the Wave Analytics Cloud — a data-crunching and visualization platform it debuted almost two years ago, Karkhanis told CRN.

"The ecosystem, which is our core strength, is kicking into high gear," he said.

The B2B marketing app will provide marketers with insight into their spends and the effectiveness of their campaigns. The financial services product will help wealth management advisers using its recently released Financial Services cloud to segment and better engage their clients.

More than a year ago, Salesforce introduced Sales Wave Analytics and Service Wave analytics, the first apps built on the Wave Analytics Cloud. A few months later, in September, the company launched a second-generation version of Wave that added a number of third-party analytics tools and promised more applications to come.

Greg Lewis, CEO of Hilo Studios, a recent venture based in Chicago from the leadership of Wave6, a Salesforce integrator, told CRN via email that the expanded app portfolio will help partners deliver insight out-of-the-box to Salesforce customers.

"After spending a few years working with Salesforce Wave Analytics, we've seen recurring needs around things like pipeline trending, team performance management and marketing ROI," Lewis said.

Hilo is one of the 19 vendors releasing a new Wave application.