Infinite Ops Unveils Its 'Cloud Easy Button'

Looking to simplify how mid-market businesses leverage cloud solutions, Infinite Ops released this week a platform where users can rapidly select and deploy popular services onto the hyper-scale cloud of their choice.

The Seattle-based startup is an entrant in the burgeoning Workspace-as-a-Service market. With the latest release of its product, IO Console, Infinite Ops is morphing beyond traditional WaaS to offering a comprehensive marketplace of cloud infrastructure, software and tools.

The modular and automated platform aims to make cloud services deployable in just a few clicks of the mouse – an "easy button for the cloud," said Infinite Ops CEO Michael Fraser.

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The latest release of IO Console offers a broad set of templates and turnkey packages for standing up solutions on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

"We're getting away from being an orchestration platform for workspaces, to a marketplace of different types of turnkey solutions, focusing on what IT wants," Fraser said. "We can bundle together any IT services and software."

That includes Citrix products like XenApp, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory and recently added Teradici Cloud Access PCoIP. Those solutions can be deployed on user-selected instance sizes, and bundled with firewalls, licensing, SSL certificates and other features. In the latest release, Infinite Ops also added an option for provisioning Windows Server 2016.

"We've gotten our orchestration engine to the point where we can templatize any solution and push it out there to three different cloud providers," Fraser said. "We're viewing each workspace offering as just another ISV solution that we've packaged onto our platform and can push out there."

The expansion of IO Console's capabilities came out of conversations with partners, Fraser said, and partner input will be paramount in deciding on future additions—both software solutions and cloud providers—to the platform.

VirtualQube, a managed services provider based in Seattle, has partnered with Citrix for more than two decades to provide clients with remote-access and thin-client services.

About six years ago, VirtualQube designed and built a hosted architecture, which at the time was a novel solution for an MSP.

Now it's time for a refresh cycle, said VirtualQube CEO Scott Gorcester, and Infinite Ops presents some unique solutions to drive that business going forward.

With the automated services, "we're able to spin up workloads from pre-designed packages which helps lower our costs," Gorcester told CRN. Labor time to deploy Citrix products and other solutions, with IO Console, drops from days to sometimes about 20 minutes before the environment is ready to log into.

While those front-end capabilities are attractive, "it's the ability to choose the back-end provider [Amazon, Microsoft or Google] that's really empowering," Gorcester said.

Fraser said his company is particularly interested in partnering with solution providers focused on the mid-market.

IO Console also offers a unique value proposition to ISVs – a platform for allowing their products to be pushed out to their partners for technical and market testing before sending it into production, Fraser told CRN.