Docker Unveils Enterprise Edition, An Integrated Container Platform Featuring Certified Tech Partners

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Docker took another stride toward establishing a serious enterprise posture Thursday, integrating several of its products with partner certifications and support services into a platform tailored to meet the diverse needs of its largest customers.

Docker Enterprise Edition is the evolution of the San Francisco-based startup's commercial portfolio, which took its first step with Docker Datacenter, a platform delivering Containers-as-a-Service on private clouds, David Messina, Docker's vice president of marketing, told CRN.

Enterprise Edition, a subscription service, will be brought to market by the same accredited partners that currently resell Datacenter. The platform delivers the container tech pioneer's open-source tools—orchestration, machine management, security—with a new release cadence and technology partnerships.

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The enterprise platform comes in three flavors: Basic, Standard and Advanced.

The Basic edition includes the core containerization engine, Swarm orchestration, tools like Compose and Machine for defining and managing deployments, and certified partner solutions.

Standard encompasses all the features in Docker Datacenter. And Advanced adds to that image security scanning and vulnerability monitoring.

All are updated in quarterly releases that are supported for a year.

There's also a Docker Community Edition—a free version for do-it-yourselfers.

Beyond the tools geared to developers and IT operations teams across the software life cycle, Enterprise Edition optimizes and certifies those technologies for specific partner infrastructures through a new validation program.

"Enterprises want to be assured they have an open platform that can run on multiple Linux distributions, Windows Server and multiple clouds," Messina said. "That's important because other platforms in the container space are anchored to a specific cloud provider or Linux distribution. Docker's promise is portability."

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