SADA Systems Will Be First Partner To Use Google's Orbitera Platform To Service Google Cloud Customers

SADA Systems will become the first solution provider to use Google's Orbitera cloud commerce platform to service Google cloud customers, the company announced Thursday.

Orbitera, a Los Angeles-based startup acquired by Google last summer, helps customers manage their cloud spending as well as helping them self-provision diverse services from many software and infrastructure providers.

"When Google acquired them, they had no support for any of the Google products. They were essentially a tool for Amazon and Microsoft products and for [IBM] SoftLayer. The primary business was Amazon," said Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA, also based in Los Angeles.

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Despite the focus on its rivals, Google saw the unique potential of the platform.

"They have the wisdom to understand it’s a multi-cloud world" and customers want a single platform to manage all their cloud resources, Safoian said of Google.

He told CRN he'd seen nothing nearly as capable as Orbitera on the market in helping customers find, try and buy cloud services in a cost-effective manner.

Now SADA, with a reputation as an established innovator in Google's channel, will leverage the platform to run management, billing, and distribution across all the services it brings to market.

"Orbitera allows partners to manage at scale the thousands, soon to be tens-of-thousands, of SaaS resell agreements we have across the platform," Safoian said.

That starts with the pricing engine, first developed for AWS and then expanded to Microsoft Azure. It can do the complex work of granularly tracking spend across the multitude of SKUs customers have to choose from.

SADA has already placed nine of its Microsoft Azure CSP customers on Orbitera. That's saved them time in deciphering their bills and even helped some identify and eliminate wasteful spending.

Orbitera extends that view through the customer's organization, allowing different internal divisions real-time access to their spending patterns.

For consumer brands giant Colgate-Palmolive, SADA has already extended Orbitera to its pet food subsidiary, delivering to specific leaders in that organization visibility into the cloud spend to better control costs.

Such a capability addresses what has become the biggest barrier to cloud adoption, Safoian said.

"Customers have no security, no confidence, in knowing how much they're going to spend," he told CRN. "That's why they don't spend more on cloud. That's why they don't do more in cloud."

Orbitera, through its marketplace, also enables those customers to self-service resources, streamlining how SADA will bundle and distribute software from third-party ISVs and the cloud giants, Safoian said.