MSP Logicworks Expands Industry-Focused Automation Platform For AWS

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The Central Automation Platform can rapidly create industry-specific environments across multiple clouds, using the various bots to implement the desired state.

That means for health care customers, the system automatically ensures HIPAA compliance; or PCI compliance for those doing e-commerce. Media companies receive the benefits of maximum scalability. The regulatory automation is particularly valuable to the financial services industry — about 40 percent of Logicworks' revenue last year came from brokers, asset managers or investment banks — which require "extraordinary governance and security."

The platform currently is sold as a complete bundle, but Logicworks is exploring the potential to sell the various tools it contains a la carte.

Logicworks is also getting closer to enabling customers to entirely self-service their clouds. But it's important to keep up guardrails, Ziegler said, and not give customers access to options they shouldn't control.

The company is also tackling a new challenge that solution providers on the vanguard of the industry increasingly face: finding and striking deals with their own implementation partners.

Ziegler said his company is hoping to ink agreements with three to five global systems integrators and data center operators who can distribute the platform to a larger market.

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