Clients Say GreenPages Has Provided Much-Needed Muscle In DevOps, Public Cloud Digital Transformation

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With digital transformation in full swing, three top IT executives said Monday they have made the move to faster and more agile DevOps public cloud platforms with the help of GreenPages Technology Solutions.

The three IT executives kicked off GreenPages Cloudscape 2017 conference – an annual gathering aimed directly at helping customers drive competitive advantages with cloud technologies – with real world scenarios and testimonials to the national strategic service provider's consulting prowess.

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The client panel, titled "Accelerating Time to Market With Cloud First Strategies," was hosted by GreenPages Senior Vice President of Client Services Simon Johnson, who set the stage by emphasizing that the IT industry is at an "inflection point where leaders and boards are mandating cloud-first strategies."

That reality has challenged the in the trenches IT executives – including the 100-plus attendees at the conference – to work out how to make that cloud-first transition. "It is disrupting the way we do business and traditional Capex-based purchasing," Johnson said, reiterating the "Mastering Speed In the Digital Era" theme of the conference. "It is holding up traditional IT acquisitions. It is really changing the way IT is bought and consumed," he said.

Rich Cleary, senior director of development operation for Liberty Mutual IT,  which has implemented a DevOps public cloud model over the last year, said GreenPages provided the $38 billion insurance giant with "agnostic" real world industry knowledge on how to make the public cloud and DevOps digital transformation.

"Not only did they help us frame what our strategy should be and what some of our decisions should be, but to think about things differently, not just assume things are going to work that way," said Cleary. "I think that has been the best part of the partnership."

GreenPages, No. 207 on the CRN 2017 SP500,  has also provided hands-on, high-level technology leadership in the infrastructure applications model in areas such as "mob programming" (software development where the whole team works on programming at the same time), said Cleary. "They have taken us through the evolution of what it means to be infrastructure developers and what are the responsibilities that we have now," he said. "It has been a great partnership. I would highly recommend if you are just starting this journey that you have someone with you that makes you think about things a little differently. Not everything is the way you think it is going to be."

Cleary, a 30-year IT veteran, said Liberty Mutual is using the DevOps model to "outpace" the competition with new insurance offerings. The Liberty Mutual "mindset" with the DevOps revolution is: "Why can't it go in the public cloud?" said Cleary. "Tell me why it can't go there? If it can't go there for either security reasons or customer security of the information and the data then, okay, let's talk about something that is on-prem, but still cloud based. Every application we build from here on out has got to be cloud native."

Liberty Mutual, in fact, is building everything based on a cloud native infrastructure that is API (application programming interface) driven both internally and externally, said Cleary.  At the heart of the  DevOps transformation is providing instant infrastructure, and application services, via the public cloud, with open source support, he said. 

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