VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Describes The Virtualization Giant's New Mission To Be A Multi-Cloud Lynchpin

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VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger laid out a roadmap Monday for how the virtualization leader will establish itself as a leading purveyor of broad hybrid cloud capabilities through an expanding portfolio of management tools, security features and strategic partnerships.

In a keynote kicking off the VMworld conference in Las Vegas, Gelsinger (pictured) showcased products and partnerships intended to cement his company's hold on the corporate data center while expanding its position into the public cloud.

The strategy to "bring all the pieces together" would be executed across several fronts, Gelsinger said.

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It starts with making private clouds even easier to use. The next step is entering deep partnerships with major cloud providers, like AWS and IBM, and expanding the VMware Cloud Partner Network. Complementing those efforts is an expanding portfolio of native cloud services and management tools that bridge the public cloud-private cloud divide.

The goal, said Gelsinger, is to give customers access to their apps from any device and modality, through the usage model of their choice.

VMware's traditional private cloud business has become stronger through the latest iterations of its core platforms, like vSphere and vSan storage, along with the EVO:Rail hyper-converged infrastructure. Those products are making private clouds more powerful and easier to deploy, according to Gelsinger.

But enterprises are increasingly moving toward a multi-cloud future, and VMware's landmark relationship with AWS squarely addresses that trend.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy joined Gelsinger on stage to highlight how the companies together are delivering on their promise to no longer force customers to choose between the two popular environments.

"This really is the ultimate hybrid solution that we developed together," Gelsinger said.

The joint offering made available Monday after months of suspense, VMware Cloud on AWS, enables the seamless transition of VMware environments to the world's largest public provider. VMware customers can enjoy the tools and environment they are familiar with, while still being able to shut down their data centers eventually.

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