With Latest Platform, Turbonomic Adds Cost Optimization, Storage, Database Management For AWS, Azure

With the release of its latest platform, Turbonomic is kicking its public cloud capabilities into high gear and cementing its place in the market for AWS and Microsoft Azure management.

The Boston-based company introduced its Turbonomic 6.0 hybrid cloud management platform today. The platform introduces storage and database services for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to the mix, giving the company end-to-end capabilities that executives say present a huge opportunity for partners.

"It's an arrow in the quiver of every partner because it solves a problem they've been trying to solve with spreadsheets for a decade or more," said Eric Wright, the company's director of technical marketing.

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"If you're a partner, and you walk into an organization and you're figuring out how to refresh hardware, how to move to the cloud, how to shrink or grow data centers, how to set up all these resiliencies, what better way to do it than to drop Turbonomic in there as part of the initial implementation, let it run for a few days, gather all this data and then, boom, that's the immediate toolkit," Wright said. "It's not tough for partners to go to the customer and say, 'Here's how we made this decision, what do you think about this platform and keeping Turbonomic on as part of the run rate?'"

Turbonomic's platform allows for the real-time, automatic, self-management of private and public cloud environments. The system assures customers that they're fully utilizing data center and cloud environments. Previously, the platform focused on the compute side of the equation. Turbonomic 6.0 introduces storage and database management for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The new platform provides cost optimization features for public cloud, including the ability to leverage pre-paid capacity, and the ability to suspend unused compute and storage instances automatically in real time.

Rene van den Bedem, chief architect and strategist at RoundTower Technologies, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based solution provider that works with Turbonomic said the cost optimization capabilities of the new platform are perhaps its most attractive attribute.

"I think the biggest area for selling 6.0 to our customers will be around cost-optimization of public cloud," van den Bedem said. "In particular, the Cloud Storage Control, Suspend/Terminate Unused Instances, Spot Instance Visibility, Total Instance Cost Analytics and Relational Database Control features."