Partners Cheer New Google Cloud Database Aimed At Easier App Development

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Google is taking another significant step toward luring customers to its Cloud Platform by launching a new document database for use by mobile and web app developers.

Cloud Firestore, a NoSQL database that integrates with Google's Firebase mobile platform, is now in public beta. Cloud Firestore was "built in close collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform team" and includes features such as real-time synchronization of data between devices and advanced data querying capabilities, Google Product Manager Alex Dufetel said in a blog post.

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As many companies are looking to embark on or expand their software development efforts, Cloud Firestore offers the promise of easier development through less complicated management of data, according to Mountain View, Calif.-based Google.

Simon Margolis, director of Google Cloud Platform at solution provider SADA Systems, told CRN that Cloud Firestore "makes it extremely easy for mobile developers to integrate powerful cloud-based services into their applications without the need to manage multiple platforms and/or front ends."

"Because the Cloud Firestore SDK is so strong and integration into mobile applications is so easy, this creates a fantastic bridge for developers looking to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform," he said.

For SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner based in Los Angeles, "the ease of use allows [us] to propose these solutions to customers, especially those with smaller development teams, knowing that they can immediately benefit without a huge investment of valuable development hours on integration and configuration work," Margolis said. "This ultimately leads to greater customer adoption of Google Cloud Platform services and overall customer satisfaction."

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