Equinix, Oracle Advance Hybrid Connectivity

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Global co-location powerhouse Equinix expanded connectivity to Oracle's second-generation cloud centers this week from its American and European facilities, enabling some of the largest enterprise customers to tap advanced Oracle services.

Equinix, which offers network neutral connectivity around the world, introduced Oracle's FastConnect service across 16 of its IBX data centers in North America and Europe by leveraging the interconnectivity provided by its Equinix Cloud Exchange.

FastConnect establishes private, high-speed links to Oracle's Gen2 cloud regions, where services like bare-metal compute and bare-metal database are available. Some Equinix facilities already had deployed Oracle FastConnect Classic, which only connects to Oracle regions without those latest cloud services.

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The expansion of FastConnect is important to enterprises since Oracle's Gen1 data centers, or its "classic cloud," already are considered legacy technology among Oracle's partners, Abdul Sheikh, CTO of New York-based Oracle partner Cintra, told CRN.

"The bare-metal, or Gen2, is definitely where all of our focus and momentum is right now," Sheikh said. "So customers seeing the maturity of Equinix products into that space is an absolute must. Until that box is checked it’s a bit of a barrier."

Robert Blackburn, Equinix's global managing director for Oracle strategic alliances, told CRN FastConnect is "necessary to achieve consistent network performance and the throughput you need to run heavy-duty enterprise workloads."

Oracle's dedicated connection service delivers the consistent performance for production-grade hybrid environments, he said.

Washington, D.C, previously was the only one of Equinix's IBX data centers in North America to offer FastConnect. Now eight others—Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Toronto—can access that facility, through the cloud exchange, as a gateway to Oracle.

Equinix also deployed Oracle's technology in Frankfurt, and made it possible for several European IBX facilities to connect through there, via the exchange, directly to Oracle's advanced cloud regions.

Equinix is looking to build the relationship with its neighbor in Redwood City, Calif., because of Oracle's focus on helping a large base of enterprise customers transform their infrastructure to embrace cloud, Blackburn told CRN.

"We have a similar mission," he said. "Enterprise is our fastest-growing customer segment. We're enabling the interconnection to the cloud, helping customers optimize and manage their network so they can achieve that with their cloud provider of choice. And we can do that because we're the leading interconnection partner for those major services providers."

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