Salesforce CEO Benioff Does AI 'My' Way, With More Customization And Data Science Powering Products

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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff introduced new Salesforce capabilities Monday that allow partners to offer clients highly customized solutions branded and geared for their unique businesses.

After spending much of his opening keynote at the 2017 Dreamforce conference roaming the aisles and talking about social issues, Benioff shifted focus to the company's new line of products that add the prefix "my" to several popular solutions.

Those include myTrailhead, myEinstein, myLightning, myIoT, and mySalesforce, which take Salesforce's evolving customization capabilities to a level at which they appear they were natively, explicitly developed for the customer.

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"This platform is getting richer and deeper and more capable every day," Benioff said, adding Salesforce development and product teams focus both on the core products and creating next-generation capabilities.

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce introduced its Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Now, myEinstein adds functionality sought by partners, including custom AI models, bots, and a prediction builder that spits out sales projections and attrition predictions.

"Everybody knows we've got to move forward on artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, all types of data science," Benioff told Dreamforce attendees.

AI is the future of all Salesforce applications, he said. And Einstein delivers advanced data science to all users, allowing them to create smart apps "with clicks, not code," he said.

You can even get Einstein recommendations on which sessions to attend at the Dreamforce conference, he added.

Salesforce Lightning already offers a framework for developing unique user interfaces. The new myLightning solution takes that further with more dynamic components and layouts that make interfaces look entirely like they were built by the customer, not Salesforce. Customers can select custom themes, branding, colors and background images.

Salesforce has been "working really hard" to build out the Trailhead learning environment, Benioff told attendees. He said Trailhead is often the first thing customers bring up when they meet him.

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