Skytap Bets Old Apps Will Bring New Opportunities For Partners In The Cloud

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"We're conscious of the fact our real differentiation is in the traditional things. Not all those services the hyperscale clouds are investing heavily in," Schick said. "What we'd like to do is bring the customer workloads closer to those services."

While already integrating with IBM's cognitive and cloud-native services, Skytap is following customer demand, and that's primarily leading to AWS.

Deals with hyperscale public clouds, however, can be somewhat tricky—Skytap's proprietary software that models traditional customer environments needs to run on bare-metal servers. But public clouds are increasingly warming to offering partners non-virtualized hardware, as Oracle is demonstrating with its next-gen infrastructure and Amazon did in its hybrid cloud deal creating VMware Cloud on AWS.

Such deals, when they take shape, will create new opportunities for the systems integrators ready to ride the next wave of cloud adoption, Morris said

Old apps are "the new big opportunity" in the cloud, Morris said.

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