Cloud Foundry Summit: EngineerBetter CEO On Cost Savings And 'Continuity' Benefits Of Cloud Foundry For Solution Providers

Solution providers looking to save customers money and provide faster feedback should be building a practice around Cloud Foundry, according to Dan Young, co-founder and CEO of U.K.-based solution provider EngineerBetter.

"You avoid wasting money because your feedback loop is so much quicker than it would be if you were installing servers, installing databases and setting up these things and putting them all together," said Young in an interview with CRN at Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 in Boston. "Because you're going from your app to it being in the hands of a real user in production so much quicker, you learn about what you're doing wrong quicker."

Cloud Foundry is an open source multi-cloud application Platform as-a-Service run by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, backed by vendors such as Dell EMC, Pivotal, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SUSE. The container-based architecture runs apps in any cloud and can easily integrate with existing technologies.

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The 2018 Cloud Foundry Summit kicked off Wednesday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and runs until April 20. Young was giving hands-on training to dozens of developers during his session, "Cloud Foundry for Beginners: From Zero to Hero."

Young said Cloudy Foundry provides the quickest way for developers to move from code to receiving data feedback while also having portability across clouds. Cloud Foundry has become pervasive in enterprises and is increasingly important for systems integrators.

"You're getting a very, very fast way of learning from your users. You're getting fast feedback on your code, but you also have very little vendor lock-in because you're able to move your app between different vendor offerings in Cloud Foundry," said Young.

He also said consumers gain confidence with the open-source PaaS solution since the experience will always be the same. "So you have that continuity," Young said.

Young co-founded consultancy-focused EngineerBetter in 2016 with the goal of helping customers move faster in delivering value with technologies like Cloud Foundry.