IT Services Giant Atos Forms Partnership With Google Cloud To Drive AI Enterprise Adoption


As Google makes more inroads into the enterprise, the company unveiled a partnership with the $15 billion IT services giant Atos on Tuesday aimed at driving greater artificial intelligence adoption within large companies.

"Together, we will enable fast and smooth adoption of AI for enterprises," said Thierry Breton, chairman and CEO of Atos, in a statement. "By combining Atos integration capabilities and technology expertise with Google Cloud technology, we enable organizations to thrive in the most innovative and trusted environments, in compliance with global regulations."

Paris, France-based Atos has entered into an agreement with Google Cloud to create solutions in three key areas: hybrid cloud, data analytics and machine learning, and the digital workplace. To accelerate product development and go-to-market strategies, Atos said it will create three AI and machine learning customer innovation labs and R&D centers in France, Britain and the US.

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During Google's first quarter earnings report on Monday, CEO Sundar Pichai said Google is consistently landing bigger deals with enterprise customers. "We are signing significantly larger, more strategic deals in cloud," Pichai said, during the earnings call. "Our security capabilities, easy-to-use data analytics, the industry-leading collaboration platform, G-Suite, are really winning customers over."

Atos is a $15 billion global service provider who also builds and sells a variety of products including high performance computing (HPC) systems

and solutions targeting the Internet of Things market. The company is known for its role in the Olympics for which it's been an official IT partner since 2001.

On the hybrid cloud front, Atos will develop and expand its Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud Platform as Atos' preferred public cloud platform. Atos will also take advantage of technology -- such as container orchestration with Google Kubernetes Engine -- to drive hybrid cloud adoption in global enterprises.

Atos said it plans to develop a machine learning practice that will leverage Google Cloud's APIs to create industry-specific solutions across multiple verticals. The company will also develop a Google G-Suite practice to further enrich its Digital Workplace offering for enterprise customers.

CEO of Google Cloud Diane Greene said the Atos partnership will bring Google Cloud to more enterprises. "Together with Atos, we will allow companies to transform and improve their business by enabling access to the most advanced cloud infrastructure, cutting-edge machine learning capabilities and intelligent collaboration tools," Greene said in a statement.