Trading Suspended Wednesday For Amazon, Alphabet On NYSE Due To Data Error


Shares of Amazon and Google parent Alphabet suspended trading Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange due to a data error.

The two tech giants were among five Nasdaq-listed securities affected by what the world's pre-eminent exchange called a "price scale code issue" in the middle of the trading day.

The problem also affected two energy companies and the holding company that owns popular travel booking sites Priceline and Kayak.

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"NYSE expects this behavior to continue for trading today and will provide a further update before the start of trading tomorrow," the exchange said in a statement.

The New York Stock Exchange for more than a year has allowed Nasdaq stocks to be bought and sold on its Manhattan floor. Amazon and Alphabet continued trading without interruption on Nasdaq, their home exchange.

The NYSE canceled open orders for those impacted stocks, the exchange said.

Amazon's cloud division, Amazon Web Services, and Alphabet's Google subsidiary are engaged in a heated battle to win enterprise workloads to their fast-growing public clouds.

Amazon still enjoys dominance in the market, but Alphabet's financials disclosed earlier this week showed strong growth in a cloud business that reached $1 billion in quarterly revenue at the end of last year.

Amazon, which recently crossed a $20 billion run rate, has an earnings call scheduled for Thursday.