Oracle Steps Up Autonomous IT Push With Three More 'Self-Driving' Cloud Services


Oracle released three more autonomous cloud services Monday as part of its bid to differentiate itself in a crowded cloud market with "self-driving" database and development platforms.

The three new products ares: Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud; Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. The trio of products comes two months after Oracle unleashed its Autonomous Data Warehouse

The batch of autonomous services all leverage machine learning to deliver intelligent patching, upgrading, tuning, and resource scaling, which Oracle sees as a winning strategy to leap frog Amazon Web Services.

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Amit Zavery, executive vice president for Oracle Cloud Platform, said at a media event on Monday that all three new services "give customers the ability to build applications as well as get analysis inside the data really quickly and easily."

The analytic cloud service provides customers with pre-built models they can use to drive deeper analysis of their data and better optimizations, Zavery said.

The integration cloud service recognize the proliferation of SaaS across the enterprise, and the challenges in connecting diverse platforms and solutions, Zavery said. That product uses machine learning to understand different elements inside an integration flow and quickly connect them. It comes with pre-packaged connectors to products from Salesforce, Workday and SAP, he said.

Oracle's visual builder service is geared for would-be developers without much, if any, coding skills. The autonomous functionality will make the low-code platform even easier for them to rapidly create and extend desktop and mobile apps, Zavery said.

Near the end of March, Oracle generally released the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, a cloud service built on the Oracle 18c Autonomous Database.

At the time, Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison described that product as "probably the most important thing we've ever done"—on the vanguard of a larger, generational effort to leverage the revolution set off in artificial intelligence.

Ellison promised later in the year more cloud products implementing machine learning to automate management and heighten security and cost efficiencies.

In June, Oracle is expected to release another major database offering—the OLTP database—as an autonomous cloud service.

The company has also said by the end of summer customers will see Express and NoSQL autonomous databases, along with a layer of other autonomous services pairing databases with analytics, data management and visualization tools.