2nd Watch Delivers Centralized Enterprise Security Solution Across AWS and Azure

Finding no easy button for assessing, monitoring and resolving security and compliance vulnerabilities across public cloud platforms, born-in-the-cloud solution provider 2nd Watch has created a unique service for its customers.

The Seattle-based Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure partner combined open source tools with custom-built IP to offer enterprises a centralized solution that evaluates their environments and continually monitors assets across the industry's two leading clouds.

2nd Watch Vulnerability Assessment is the kind of service for protecting enterprise deployments and assuring compliance in highly regulated industries that a multi-cloud solution provider is best equipped to deliver, said Jeff Aden, 2nd Watch executive vice president of marketing and strategic business development.

Only partners have the experience and battle-tested expertise truly needed for securing production applications deployed across cloud providers, Aden said.

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The security enforcement system scans AWS or Azure instances, audits applications and workloads, supports multiple operating systems, and automates remediation of security and compliance vulnerabilities.

"It's just taking our years of experience and productizing that to both bring more of our solutions to more customers, and help us to scale," Aden said.

There are so many tools on the market from the cloud providers and ISVs, that it's hard for enterprises to know which will fulfill their specific needs, and in what combinations. Enterprises often struggle to cobble together solutions for securely operating multi-cloud environments, Aden said.

There's not a single piece of software that does all of that at just a click of a button, Aden said.

But solution providers have unique expertise in using tools from many vendors across multiple clouds. By bundling those best-of-breed solutions with custom IP, 2nd Watch expects to drive a new revenue stream, he said.

Last month, 2nd Watch took a similar approach to DevOps by releasing two internally developed services aimed at encouraging its enterprise customers to accelerate their adoption of agile software development processes.

The AWS and Azure partner created standardized frameworks for implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines and for rapidly deploying machine images on the two hyper-scale clouds.