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5 Ways Google Cloud Differs From AWS, Microsoft: Channel Chief

Mark Haranas

Google Cloud’s channel chief, Kevin Ichhpurani, provides several reasons why partners should pick Google over the cloud competition.

Some ‘Competitors Do Not Acknowledge Multi-Cloud’

Customers and partners are seeing the value of Google Cloud being on the forefront of embracing multi-cloud.

Some of our competitors do not acknowledge multi-cloud. But if we look at survey data, the vast majority of clients are going multi-cloud.

If you think about Google overall, we’ve always been leaders in open source and not taking proprietary approaches to licensing models.

We have always taken an approach where you can build an application once, you can run it anywhere. You build it on Google Cloud, you can run it on AWS or Azure, on-prem.

If you look at our analytic strategy, we do not require you to move all of the data to Google Cloud.

We will federate the query regardless of where the data sitting—so fundamentally a different approach. And it’s where we all know that the puck is going.

We find that our partners are seeing a lot of value on this.

Whether it is a channel partner or whether an ISV partner—we have to earn their business every day versus leveraging a lock-in strategy.

We’re working with ISVs on how can they help build cloud-native architectures. Because of our DNA with Kubernetes and AI, how do you build a next-generation cloud-native application that’s containerized, it’s microservice-enabled, it leverages intelligence and AI to make the business process fundamentally more intelligent? That’s a big area of focus with us as well is with the ISV community.

That openness and that innovation are big reasons why partners are moving towards us.

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Mark Haranas

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