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8 Partners Weigh In On The ChatGPT, GPT Generative AI Hype

Kyle Alspach, Wade Tyler Millward

Employees with VCPI, Sourcepass, Net Friends, Accenture, SADA, Novacoast, ProArch and Netrix weigh in on the ChatGPT hype.

From ChatGPT saving time on documentation and writing change orders to speeding up the response to a security issue - and potentially causing security issues - partners with a variety of business models are adopting and trying out the generative AI tool, its competitors and the technology behind them.

Employees with Net Friends, Accenture, Novacoast, ProArch and other businesses have spoken with CRN in recent days on the pros, cons and potential of ChatGPT and the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) large language model powering the software, which produces written content based on a user’s query.

ChatGPT is now considered the fastest-growing app in history, with 100 million monthly users, accoring to a study by investment banking firm UBS and reported by CBS. By comparison, it took Instagram more than two years to reach that number, TikTok nine months and Google Translate more than six years.

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Partners Talk ChatGPT, GPT

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, which has billions of dollars in investment from Microsoft, and was founded in 2015 by CEO Sam Altman (the former president of Y Combinator), plus Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and their fellow PayPal alum and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, according to Fortune.

Other donors have included Y Combinator co-founder Jessica Livingston, India-based IT outsourcing firm Infosys and Amazon Web Services, according to Fortune.

One factor that remains is whether the revenue opportunity with ChatGPT and GPT can overcome the extra compute costs. Recent reports from investment firm Morgan Stanley show that natural language queries can cost five times the amount in compute capacity as a normal query.

Morgan Stanley predicts that if Google allows for 10 percent of search responses with a 50-word natural language response, the extra operational cost to Google will be $1.2 billion for 2024.

A separate Morgan Stanley report for Microsoft put the total cost of integrating GPT into its search engine between about $600 million and $1 billion annually – assuming Bing’s 3 percent market share and every Bing query going through GPT.

Here’s what partners have told CRN about the ChatGPT adoption.

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