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8 Partners Weigh In On The ChatGPT, GPT Generative AI Hype

Kyle Alspach, Wade Tyler Millward

Employees with VCPI, Sourcepass, Net Friends, Accenture, SADA, Novacoast, ProArch and Netrix weigh in on the ChatGPT hype.

Michael Montagliano


Chief Information Security Officer 

The potential is definitely there for OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help security analysts, who work with SIEM (security information and event management) tools like Microsoft Sentinel, to help automate and expedite some of the typically manual analysis of security incidents, according to Michael Montagliano, chief information security officer at Atlanta-based solution provider ProArch.

At this early stage, though, more testing of the types of integration methods now being posted online is definitely necessary, which ProArch plans to do, Montagliano told CRN.

“We are going to test that integration into Sentinel in a lab environment,” he said. “One of the things you have to be cautious about is, is that accurate? Is it dependable?”

Russell Reeder

Netrix Global


ChatGPT is “amazing, and is going to change our world,” said Russell Reeder, CEO of Netrix Global, No. 190 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500.

But the potential use of the tool for cyberattacks also shows that “technology cannot be unpoliced,” he said. “There needs to be a controlling force.”

Still, Reeder does believe that OpenAI is “managing it the best they can—a layman can’t come in and say, ‘Create [malware] for me.’”

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