Agosto Earns New Google Cloud Partner IoT Specialization


Agosto is among the first Google Cloud partners to add the cloud provider’s new internet-of-things (IoT) specialization unveiled this week as Google Cloud hosts its Next ’19 conference in San Francisco.

The designation recognizes the Minneapolis-based Google Premier Partner’s technical proficiency and success in developing IoT applications on the Google Cloud Platform. Partners that achieve the specialization have demonstrated the ability to connect, process, store and analyze device data at the edge and in the cloud to drive new business value for their customers.

“We've been building IoT software solutions on Google Cloud since 2013, including launching our own open-source MQTT message broker in Google Cloud Launcher,” Agosto president Aric Bandy said. “Combining our IoT experience with Google Cloud's IoT core platform will help our clients bring innovative solutions to market."

Agosto, a cloud services and development company founded in 2001, has technical teams that also help clients leverage machine learning/artificial intelligence, data analytics, infrastructure and collaboration. Its clients include 1-800-Got-Junk?, the state of Wyoming, Unilog, Groupon, Jaguar Land Rover and the Library of Congress.

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Agosto previously earned an infrastructure specialization last year as part of the Google Cloud Partner Program.

The internet-of-things specialization is one of two new specializations added by Google Cloud in the past week, according to its website, bringing the number to 12 as it expands its channel partner program. A new marketing analytics specialization is for partners who have shown they can help customers collect, transform, analyze and visualize data, and then use the insights gained to optimize marketing strategy and activations.

Agosto, meanwhile, is conducting four breakout educational sessions at Google Next ’19 on leveraging GCP services for rapid prototypes, making enterprise search more effective with Google Cloud Search, building a business with Google Chrome Enterprise targeting front-line workers, and aligning cloud costs with service delivery.