AWS’ Andy Jassy Slams Breonna Taylor Verdict: ‘We Still Don’t Get It’

“Can’t let Breonna Taylor death go with no accountability. If you don‘t hold police depts accountable for murdering black people, we will never have justice and change, or be the country we aspire (and claim) to be,” says AWS Andy Jassy on Twitter.


AWS CEO Andy Jassy tore into a grand jury’s decision to not charge the three police officers involved with fatally shooting Breonna Taylor as protests continue across the country.

“Can’t let Breonna Taylor death go with no accountability,” said Jassy on Twitter Thursday afternoon. “We still don‘t get it in the US. If you don’t hold police depts accountable for murdering black people, we will never have justice and change, or be the country we aspire (and claim) to be.”

Jassy also weighed in on the hot topics of defunding U.S. police departments as well as holding police officers more accountable.

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“Being a police officer is a dangerous and thankless job. But, it doesn‘t make you above the law or ramifications if you make a mistake and erroneously take somebody’s life. Nobody can be above the law. Our Democracy doesn’t work otherwise,” said Jassy.

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“Defunding the police isn’t the answer, imo. Instead, we need culture change in many police depts,” said Jassy. “Need to move from being authoritarians to guardians. With a guardian mindset, we don‘t barge into somebody’s home to investigate drug possession and shoot down two people b/c somebody is surprised and shoots at you.”

On March 13, 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by three Louisville Metro Police Department officers as they executed a “no knock” search warrant. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, allegedly fired a gun at the officers, saying he believed them to be intruders. Officers responded by allegedly firing over 20 bullets, killing Taylor.

The case has been a rallying point for protesters across America against racial injustice and police brutality.

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted one of the three officers involved on first-degree wanton endangerment charges, saying the officer had endangered the lives of Taylor’s neighbors, but did not hold any officers responsible for Taylor’s death.

All over the country, masses of people congregated to protest the decision.

On Twitter, Jassy said “guardians of people” should seek to “cool things down in that situation, not escalate further by shooting everything up.”

“They pull back + talk with “suspects” (while still surrounding house). There was no hostage or imminent threat that couldn‘t tolerate backing off + talking through,” said Jassy.

Lastly, AWS’ CEO said, “Think if this “suspect” were a white celebrity that they would have come in shooting things up because that person was surprised and shot at them? They would have been more careful. We have to prioritize *all* human lives over investigations. Black lives indeed matter.”