AWS Partner Innovative Solutions Launches GenAI Service On Bedrock, IBM And Anthropic

‘This will flip the script on managed services,’ says Innovative Solutions CEO Justin Copie, regarding the company’s new GenAI service based on AWS, IBM and Anthropic technologies.


Justin Copie, CEO of Innovative Solutions

AWS partner all-star Innovative Solutions is launching a generative AI managed service on top of AWS Bedrock, IBM Watson and Anthropic technologies that securely manages customer data to enable GenAI-based business outcomes.

“This will flip the script on managed services,” Justin Copie, CEO of Innovative Solutions tells CRN.

“This will be a very forward-facing managed service in the market where customers will now have these tools—like Claude, which is Anthropic’s version of ChatGPT—turned on in highly scalable, highly secure ways. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this,” he said.

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The Rochester N.Y.-based AWS Premier Partner unveiled Managed Data Services (MDS) today as a GenAI service that stiches together large customer data sets to empower businesses to launch AI applications, dive deep into business intelligence reporting and fine-tune machine learning models.

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“We want to turn on Security as-a-Service, in the sense that, the right amount of information and the right amount of decisions that can be made across the business, can be done using artificial intelligence. This is all on the back of Bedrock, IBM’s Watson technology and Anthropic,” said Copie, adding that customers can also choose a Cohere flavor of the solution. “So when customers turn this managed service on, they’re instantly going to have the ability to turn on GenAI across their entire organization.”

Innovative Solutions heard a strong demand from customers over the past several months about the need to set up a solid and secure data foundation for GenAI. MDS navigates the complexity of data integration to easily enable data-driven insights.

“Most customers have these large data sets. They have some initiative to manage that data, usually referred to as DevOps,” said Copie. “And what customers were asking us for were management services that could bring new technology, new process and ultimately new tooling, all the way down to the end user, so that they could access the data more effectively.”

New Tailwinds ChitChat Managed Services AI Assistant

In addition to its new MDS service, Innovative Solutions also launched today a new free AI assistant to all its managed services and MDS customers called Tailwinds ChitChat.

Tailwinds ChitChat has several key features tuned for managed services customers including access to documentation sources such AWS Docs, HIPAA and PCI requirements.

The AI assistant also has the ability to create architecture diagrams, as well as access to tools like Email so customers can say, for example, “Write me a step by step workflow and email it to Joe”.

The AI assistant is integrated with Innovative’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) teams so customers can directly open tickets summarizing their conversation or need for assistance.

GenAI Offer Tailwinds Has Over 50 New Customers

In August, Innovative Solutions launched its Tailwinds offering with the goal of enabling software engineers and business leaders to use generative AI within their applications without the complexity and high cost associated with traditional software development.

For around $20,000, Tailwinds includes three components to accelerate product development using AI: a plug-and-play reference architecture based on Infrastructure as Code; an API library for utilizing Anthropic and AWS’ AI technologies; and a serverless environment for testing and sharing use case examples during the development process. Healthcare software company LivTech was one of the first Tailwinds customers. LivTech was able to quickly save six to seven figures on costs thanks to implementing Tailwinds inside its claims processing procedure.

Innovative has since deployed its GenAI solution for over 50 new customers since launching Tailwinds just a few months ago. It is the fastest growing IT service Innovative has ever witnessed, Copie said.

“Tailwinds basically is a way for any small to midsize business customer to AI power their application. So if they have an application, we basically turn on AI for them,” he said. “Since the launch, it’s been just snowballing. We have over 50 or 60 customers on Tailwinds.”

MDS And Tailwinds On The AWS Marketplace

Both Tailwinds and MDS will be accessible to customers via the AWS Marketplace.

“The Marketplace is the perfect mechanism to get this in front of customers,” Copie said. “What we’re doing with Tailwinds is we’re taking the IBM chatbot functionality—IBM’s native chatbot functionality, their data orchestration layer that’s all built on Watson—AWS Bedrock, Anthropic or Cohere, and we’re bundling that together and we’re bringing that to the market.”

He said MDS and Tailwinds on the AWS Marketplace enables automatically stitching all vendor offerings together to make it easy for the customers to buy.

“That stitching is what’s going to allow us to go to a customer and say, ‘Don’t worry, you don’t have to go buy it from three different people or three different companies. Just one place with Innovative Solutions, the system integrator that will help integrate all that together,” said Copie. “You also get only one bill, from AWS. And AWS has the infrastructure to help you transact that. … It could not be a better time. I’m so excited for this.”