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AWS’ Ruba Borno On IBM, Cisco And AWS Marketplace Growth

Mark Haranas

AWS’ channel chief Ruba Borno talks to CRN about Cisco “cloud-enabling” its channel partners via the AWS Marketplace, its newly enhanced IBM partnership and her message to AWS partners.

How much of channel partner sales go through the AWS Marketplace?

We don’t disclose the number of how much goes through channel partners on Marketplace, but we are seeing growth there.

There are many examples of channel partners who are putting their services on AWS Marketplace to support their customers.

So we have Slalom, Presidio, Accenture, SHI—all have solutions like cost optimization, certain vertical optimization use cases, on the Marketplace.

We’re seeing Presidio making the largest strategic collaboration agreement for them with AWS. Presidio has 15 services that they are selling through the AWS Marketplace—that’s their services. We signed that agreement at the beginning of this calendar year and already there are now 15 services on AWS Marketplace. It’s really exciting to see that momentum grow.

So there’s absolutely an opportunity for channel partners to take advantage of putting their services on AWS Marketplace. I think we will see more and more channel partners leverage AWS Marketplace. We will learn what’s working and invest in that.

Talk about the importance of some of the new IBM solutions and the opportunities for partners?

When customers come to AWS, it’s because of our pace of innovation. We feel that IBM is of similar ilk in terms of constantly coming up with new innovation to delight customers.

We’re really excited that IBM and AWS share similar values in terms of constantly striving to delight customers with new innovation.

So by augmenting our strategic collaboration agreement and expanding it to include the IBM Envizi ESG suite, the IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, IBM Content Services, IBM App Connect Enterprise—all of those [are] now adding more value and providing more value to customers through IBM innovation. That’s what we’re really excited about.

We’ve proven that we can do it quickly, based on how we’ve been executing on our partnership so far. So we’re really excited to continue to expand it.


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Mark Haranas

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