Google Cloud Chief Carolee Gearhart: Over 170% Year-Over-Year Growth In New Accounts Thanks To Partners

In an interview with CRNtv, Google Cloud Channel Chief Carolee Gearhart discusses the latest tools and offerings available to partners and the “incredible” momentum seen as a result

Google Cloud is doubling down on its push for enterprise customers and partners have already seen the benefits to that strategy.

“We have already seen, being a very tight close partner of Google’s, a degree of change and a pace of change that quite frankly didn’t’ think was possible,” said Dana Berg, chief operating officer at SADA Systems, a Google premier partner headquartered in North Hollywood, Calif.

It’s a momentum that Google Cloud’s Carolee Gearhart, VP of World Wide Channel Sales, says is seen across Google's partner community. She discussed the details in an interview with CRNtv at Google Cloud’s annual customer and partner conference in San Francisco, Next 2019.

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What are you most excited to share with partners at Next 2019?

Partners are here getting an opportunity to get a look at our updated portal. The portal has a ton more content. This is really about delivering more meat to the partners. We have an industry solutions hub, which gives a much deeper drill down by our view by industry. We have competitive insights hub that gives them market relevant material to really understand Google’s differentiation and the drill down around that differentiation and those proof points. And then we’ve added more from a solution perspective if you think about more horizontal solutions that are applicable across many industries but then again are also very aligned to the way our sales team is going to market.

Google launched Anthos, a new hybrid cloud platform that allows customers to manage workloads across third-party clouds. Why should partners be excited about Anthos?

Customers are really dealing with a variety of environments from legacy on-prem environments to private clouds to potentially other multiple public clouds. That’s a lot of complexity. So, what Anthos brings to them is an opportunity to much more quickly leverage the agility the cloud brings and really focus on their own differentiation.

Describe the partner momentum Google Cloud is seeing in the marketplace.

There is tremendous momentum with the partners. We’ve had more than 170% year-over-year growth in new accounts where partners are involved. Great news. So, we get a new account. What happens after that? We’ve had more than 200% year-over-year growth in the amount of GCP that is going through those channel partners. What has that led to? That has led to more than 400% year-over-year growth in pipeline with partners. So, what that means is we’re finding new accounts, we’re talking to them, they’re realizing value and those folks are becoming advocates out and it’s driving an increased traction in pipeline overall with partners. It’s incredible momentum.

In CRNtv’s interview, Gearhart also discussed success stories and advice for partners. Watch the vide included in this article for more coverage.