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Google Cloud Marketplace Boost: 4 Huge New Capabilities

Mark Haranas

From an expansion of its private offering capabilities to ISVs now with the ability to give margins to resellers, here are four big new launches on the Google Cloud Marketplace that partners need to know.

Google Cloud is striving this year to make Google Cloud Marketplace the “go-to-destination” for its partners and customers to deploy solutions on, says the cloud computing giant’s partner leader.

“We’re seeing explosive growth in the Marketplace,” Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of Google Cloud’s Global Partner Ecosystem and Channels, told CRN.

On Thursday, the roughly $27 billion cloud company unveiled new capabilities on the Marketplace, including expanding the functionality for partners to offer private offerings and adding more ways for resale partners to transact through Marketplace, including receiving margins from independent software vendors (ISVs).

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As Mountain View, Calif.-based cloud giant looks to push more customers to buy via the Google Cloud Marketplace and Google partners put more of their own offerings on the platform, Google Cloud has unveiled several huge new capabilities that both partners and customers can leverage on the marketplace.

The 2023 Google Cloud Marketplace

The Google Cloud Marketplace lets customers quickly deploy software packages, services and a variety of integrated solutions that run on Google Cloud.

Customers from across the globe can find top solutions integrated with Google Cloud from channel partners and ISVs on the marketplace.

“The reason we’re seeing explosive growth in the Marketplace is that customers can buy a solution or a third party solution and they can decrement their [cloud spending] commits with Google Cloud, just like it’s a Google product,” said Ichhpurani.

Google’s marketplace also offers integrated billing to provider a more friction free process along with capabilities such as integrated identity access management.

“So we kind of simplify the usability. The deployment is much more simplistic because you can just do point and click provisioning. We also pay our reps on solutions via the Marketplace so it stimulates a natural go-to-market between companies,” said Ichhpurani.

Here are four new capabilities on the Google Cloud Marketplace that will be rolled out in 2023 that customers, ISVs, technology vendors and channel partners should know about.


Mark Haranas

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