GreenPages Is On Track For Record Third Quarter With Digital Transformation Accelerating


GreenPages Technology Solutions CEO Ron Dupler says the summer doldrums do not apply to the national cloud strategic service provider which is on track to deliver a record third quarter.

"Q3 can be a slow quarter for us, but we are looking at potentially having a record quarter" said Dupler in an interview at the company's Cloudscape 2018 Summit: Embracing the Digital Revolution. "We are having a very good year. We are seeing a big pickup in the next generation digital transformation aspects of our business and also an uptick in the traditional IT business. IT investment is healthy on both the next gen and traditional side of the business."

GreenPages is benefitting from the strong economy with an uptick in gross domestic product and a customer drive to modernize architectures after years of deferred maintenance, said Dupler.

Dupler said he has been a bit "surprised" by the strength of IT investment this year and is optimistic about the prospects for the business going forward.

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"We feel really good about the business," he said. "We are seeing a lot of wind in our sails from the next generation digital transformation aspects of our business. Everything we do is enabling our customers to succeed in the digital era."

GreenPages is empowering customers to succeed in the digital era with a full portfolio of consulting and services center on digital transformation including infrastructure modernization, cloud transformation & cloud operations, DevOps, business intelligence, machine learning and internet of things. "What we are doing is enabling customers to be agile and move with the velocity to either respond to threats or seize opportunities in the digital era," he said.

In his keynote address, Dupler focused on five mandates that are driving the digital era revolution: innovation, digital era mindset/business outcome focus. agility, velocity, and customer experience.

"We are accelerating into the future and it is going very well," said Dupler. "I am proud of the team, but we still have a lot of work to do. The IT supply chain is being reinvented. We are redefining the rules of the game in a world that is now dominated by recurring revenue streams and cloud revenue streams. Our team is doing a good job adapting and changing into the future.We are seeing sales and profits up as a result of the overall market momentum."