GreenPages Transformation Superstar Josh Dinneen Promoted To Newly Created President’s Role

‘It’s exciting to watch the evolution,’ says GreenPages President Josh Dinneen. ‘I’m a build and growth guy. Those two things are what really get me excited. We are at that point now where this is an amazing company to be part of. We are having great success. The culture is just absolutely tremendous.’


Josh Dinneen (pictured above)

GreenPages Chief Revenue Officer Josh Dinneen, who has led the charge on a massive transformation of the national cloud and cybersecurity services powerhouse, has been promoted to the newly created role of president.

Since taking the helm of the sales force three years ago, Dinneen has delivered a three-year compound growth rate of 401 percent for cybersecurity, 62 percent for cloud subscription services and 17 percent for managed services. With the transformation, GreenPages’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) has improved by 50 percent over the last 18 months.

“It’s exciting to watch the evolution,” said Dinneen. “I’m a build and growth guy. Those two things are what really get me excited. We are at that point now where this is an amazing company to be part of. We are having great success. The culture is just absolutely tremendous. The people to me are the value of GreenPages. What we have been able to accomplish as a collective has really been impressive. I feel honored and lucky to be able to lead these teams. That’s truly what gets me excited everyday when I get out of bed.”

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Dinneen will continue to report to GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler, the mastermind behind a long-term plan to remake GreenPages into a next-generation cloud cybersecurity and digital services provider with unrivaled managed services.

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Dupler said Dinneen’s promotion is recognition for a job well done, driving growth at GreenPages, which over the last three years has a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent and sales growth of 27 percent in 2022.

A ‘Fantastic Job’ Driving ‘Growth And Transformation’

“Josh has done a fantastic job driving the growth and transformation of our organization since joining us in late 2018,” said Dupler. “I am excited and proud to be working with him and the rest of the GreenPages’ stakeholders to drive our company into the future and create a new next generation cloud, cybersecurity and digital services provider.”

Dinneen, who has built and sold several disruptive solution provider businesses over the last decade, joined GreenPages after selling his security advisory company, Norwell Technology Group, to GreenPages.

Dinneen said he is taking on the new role with GreenPages poised to continue to scale its cybersecurity, cloud and digital transformation services offerings with plans for additional acquisitions. “We’re going to be pretty aggressive,” he promised. “We want to use M&A to increase market share.”

GreenPages just last month acquired Zanaris, a Toronto-based infrastructure automation, cloud, and DevOps services firm, and Arcas Risk Management, a Massachusetts-based cybersecurity, risk advisory and compliance consulting services firm.

GreenPages is interested in continuing to enhance its technology offerings in areas like zero-trust security and FinOps managed services, said Dinneen. He credited GreenPages’ private equity owner, Boston-based Abry Partners, for providing the recapitalization and financial muscle to continue to scale and grow the business. That recapitalization came in December 2020 in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Abry has been tremendously supportive of our strategy,” he said. “That has really helped us hit our stride in terms of executing the strategy.”

The Seeds Of A Transformation

Dinneen, who has specialized in driving solution provider transformations and scaling channel business models over the course of a 25 year career, brought a “fresh perspective” on how to “transform” the business when he joined GreenPages in 2018. “We had to scale quickly,” he said. “We had to be growth oriented.”

Among the keys to the transformation was taking the strong GreenPages services and packaging them into a monthly recurring revenue model that aligned to the market growth opportunities. That included a new sales compensation plan to drive the managed services model forward.

In April 2021, Dinneen also helped recruit Jay Pasteris as chief information security officer and chief information officer. “Jay is a revenue side guy who is very big on customer interactions,” said Dinneen. “He has got a tremendous approach to culture. He understands how to motivate his teams, align his teams to revenue, and how to drive better performance as a collective.”

GreenPages also brought on board Chief Services Officer Steven Demaayer 15 months ago who implemented an overhaul of the company’s services delivery. One month later in January 2022, GreenPages hired Steve Torres, the former chief operating officer and president of solution provider Vology, as COO and CFO to help guide GreenPages’ financial and M&A strategy.

Ultimately, GreenPages’ success is due to the tremendous team that has taken the company to new heights, said Dinneen “The strategy we have put in place has worked,” he said. “People are executing on it. The byproduct of that is we are scaling the business.”

As for the future, Dinneen said the company has big plans. “Our success has opened the doors for us to continue to scale into new markets and territories and to continue to invest in our teams, technology and innovation,” he said. “With success, we are allowed to invest which allows us to scale. The confluence of all these things coming together makes this a magical time for us.”