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HPE Discover 2023: 10 New HPE GreenLake Services

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise kicked off its HPE Discover 2023 conference with a slew of HPE GreenLake cloud service breakthroughs, including integration of the OpsRamp AI operations platform and HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Business Edition. Here are the 10 biggest HPE GreenLake Discover 2023 announcements.

HPE Steps Up Its Hybrid Cloud Game With New GreenLake Offers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is stepping up its hybrid cloud game with new HPE GreenLake pay-per-use offerings and advancements, including integration of the OpsRamp multivendor AI operations platform.

HPE, which acquired OpsRamp in May, is now integrating it as a SaaS offering directly into HPE GreenLake with full-stack observability, said HPE CTO Fidelma Russo.

OpsRamp—considered one of the premier AI tools used by MSPs to automate IT services management—supports hybrid multi-cloud environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud along with heterogenous environments including Dell Technologies, Cisco Systems, NetApp and Pure Storage.

That AI operations multivendor and multi-cloud capability is designed to effectively reduce the cost of cloud management. The IT operations market is a $39 billion market opportunity, said HPE.

“We are now extending our observability capabilities not just from the HPE infrastructure, but across a multivendor, multi-cloud infrastructure, and also not just within the hardware and the systems management layers but all the way up to the application,” said Russo. “This is enabled by the OpsRamp acquisition.”

HPE GreenLake is also now leveraging the OpsRamp AI engine capability to notice potential problems and “provide remediation actions and advice for customers in a very timely manner,” said Russo. That will dramatically reduce “false alerts” and ensure customers get effective operational data.

OpsRamp will be delivered by HPE Services and MSPs and systems integrators that are already serving the OpsRamp customer base.

Russo called the new offers—including GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition—the “next step in the evolution” of GreenLake.

“We recognize that operating in a hybrid cloud environment is incredibly complex because you are dealing not with just your current IT assets on-premises,” said Russo. “You are also dealing with assets in the public cloud. You are dealing with assets potentially in colocation.”

HPE also continues to “solve the hybrid needs of customers” with “deepened partnerships” with AWS, VMware and Equinix, said Russo.

All of the new HPE GreenLake offerings are wrapped around a common set of services from edge to cloud to public cloud that range from identity to authentication and support, said Russo.

Those common services support GreenLake infrastructure like “secure connectivity through networking all the way through storage and data management offers that are on the platform,” said Russo.

HPE is wrapping its security and compliance offerings into GreenLake with advisory, managed services and financial services to fuel customer digital transformation, she said.

“We have increased our automation and standardization at the platform layer, we have delivered a number of customer-facing offers, we have expanded the ecosystem and we have enhanced the developer experience,” Russo said.


Steven Burke

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