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HPE Financial Services Is For The ‘First Time’ Ever ‘Rewarding’ Customers For Sustainability: 5 Things You Need To Know

Steven Burke

HPE Financial Services is for the first time providing more attractive financing rates for customers that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

‘Rewarding’ Customers For Sustainability Initiatives

HPE Financial Services’ Force For Good financing program is for the first time ever “rewarding” customers that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, said HPE Financial Services Senior Vice President Worldwide Channel & SMB Paul Sheeran.

“This is absolutely unique,” said Sheeran. “It’s the first time we are actually rewarding and recognizing customers who have made a demonstrated commitment in their sustainability efforts…The savings are significant and noteworthy.”

The more attractive financing comes with interest rates rising around the world and the cost of capital becoming a bigger issue for customers and partners, said Sheeran.

“The cost of capital is rising, interest rates are rising all around the world, certainly in the US as well, there’s a lot of volatility out there with supply chain constraints,” said Sheeran. “This is definitely a new and significant offer from HPE Financial Services to help our enterprise and SMB customers continue with their IT investments, but also do it in a sustainable way.”

Eligibility for the new financing will be determined by Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG Intelligence’s ESG Rankings and other factors, said HPE.

HPE said the special financing rates it will provide customers varies around the world and also takes into account the products being purchased. HPE did not provide a range or estimate of the rates under the new program.

The ‘Force for Good’ financing favors more energy efficient storage, networking and compute offerings like HPE’s ProLiant Gen 11 servers which delivers 43 percent more energy savings with the AMD EPYC 9004 processor compared to Gen 10 servers. The Force For Good financing also includes HPE Aruba networking products and PCs from HP Inc.

“This is really helping customers invest in more efficient products with a more attractive financing rate,” said Sheeran. “It is available around the world and we expect it will generate a lot of interest with our customers and partners.”

The more attractive financing rates come with an increasing number of customers implementing sustainability requirements as part of their IT and cloud purchasing contracts.

“It’s not just a nice to have, it’s a way to do business now,” said Sheeran of the increased demand by customers for sustainability contract vehicles. “We firmly believe that as we go forward that sustainability is critical. HPE has and will maintain an excellent track record on this going forward.”

HPE FS CEO and President Gerri Gold said in a blog post that the “groundswell of sustainability focused initiatives in the last few years is inspiring.”

“In parts of the world, the adage is to ‘water where it grows,’” wrote Gold. “Through initiatives like our Force For Good Financing Program, the plan is to continue growing strong, competitive businesses that are prioritizing sustainability in their long term business strategies.”

Market researcher IDC estimates that by 2026, 60 percent of organization will require their IT vendors and partners to provide end to end visibility of their sustainability process.

Here are five things you need to know about HPE FS’s “Force For Good Financing Program,” other new HPE FS programs aimed at driving sustainability, and the HPE sustainability sales offensive.

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