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HPE’s Ulrich Seibold On GreenLake’s Mulitcloud AWS, Azure Prowess And How Partners Can Get A ‘Huge Business Advantage’

Steven Burke

New HPE Worldwide Vice President of GreenLake Partner & Service Provider Sales Ulrich Seibold says the edge to cloud service powerhouse is already able to provide a single bill for complex AWS and Azure services combined with GreenLake.

Can you start by talking a little bit about your background and nearly 40 years of experience at HPE and HP?

I’m a long term veteran at HPE and I have worked more than 10 years in the partner ecosystem. My boss at one point in time was (former HPE Worldwide Partner Sales leader and current Managing Director of North America) Paul Hunter (pictured).

I spent 10 years was overseeing the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) partner ecosystem of resellers, service providers, systems integrators and ISVs.

Then my boss told me ‘You are in a comfort zone.’ I did not want to be in a comfort zone so he asked me to build out the GreenLake business unit. That is the role bringing two elements together: long term partner experience on the left hand side and my three and a half years of GreenLake knowledge on the other side.

After (HPE Vice President of Partner Experience) Maurice (Martin) left the company (in January) I thought there are not that many positions in a global scale that includes both channel partners and GreenLake. So I raised my hand and now I’m in this new role.

It is a replacement for Maurice Martin but we made some changes (with the position). From a responsibility perspective there is the (GreenLake) platform, transformation, processes for simplification which is very important for our partners. Then we added the service provider and hyperscalar to this position because it is important to include colos (colocation providers). So the elements are partners, service providers, hyperscalars and colo providers.

How big difference does it make adding service providers, hyperscalars and colo providers?

We want to make it easy and simple for partners.

We had two or maybe three different organizations driving partner business in terms of GreenLake. So we brought it all together so we’ll have one HPE GreenLake stream and then we will have a traditional stream and then we’ll have a third one with ISVs and systems integrators.

So we have a clear positioning for partners. It will be very clear in the future who is responsible and who will be my counterparts if I need to talk about HPE GreenLake because we want to help partners achieve more margin. So my team will be working from a global perspective to support partners and to find and identify the benefits we can bring to our customers through our partner community.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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