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HPE’s Ulrich Seibold On GreenLake’s Mulitcloud AWS, Azure Prowess And How Partners Can Get A ‘Huge Business Advantage’

Steven Burke

New HPE Worldwide Vice President of GreenLake Partner & Service Provider Sales Ulrich Seibold says the edge to cloud service powerhouse is already able to provide a single bill for complex AWS and Azure services combined with GreenLake.

How will the structure work with regard to ISVs and systems integrators?

We will have a dedicated organization within Simon Ewington’s (pictured) team as an interim lead. So we will have one team responsible for the ISVs and (Interim leader of Worldwide Channel & Partner Ecosystem and Vice President of Worldwide Distribution) Simon (Ewington) responsible for the traditional partner community and as an interim lead for the whole partner ecosystem and then I will be overseeing GreenLake and (HPE Vice President Worldwide Partner Programs and Operations) Jesse Chavez as the lead for all partner programs.

How do you see the GreenLake model evolving under the new structure?

If you look at HPE GreenLake it is the brand right now. It is not a solution or a product anymore. Then with the GreenLake cloud platform we will bring more and more of the traditional business under the GreenLake platform. So in the future there might not be a partner in the traditional or GreenLake way.

Partners are selling products in a traditional way and then selling subscriptions out of the GreenLake platform. We are bringing these business partners together helping them move forward.

If they are today in a model where they are selling traditional products then I believe subscription is an easy step for them to improve their skill sets and value proposition. So they can buy, for example, block storage with HPE Alletra in a traditional way and then on top of that bring a subscription out of the GreenLake cloud platform.

For partners a little bit more mature they can buy a standardized service out of the GreenLake platform as a service in a consumption manner.

Then the third model for the most mature partners that have service provider, managed service provider and consulting capabilities is our customized cloud service element. This is something in the past we did a little bit more direct in the ratio to partners.

So we basically have three elements: GreenLake as the brand and the platform. Every service we provide if it is Aruba or storage or compute all the software will be deployed through the platform. Beyond that partners can buy and sell to their customers in a traditional, buying or lease for example, they can do it as a service, and the third element is a customized GreenLake cloud service.

(HPE CEO) Antonio’s (Neri) strategy is journey to one. Through the GreenLake cloud platform we can make that happen. Everything HPE will deliver in the future will be out of the platform in a traditional way, in a consumption way or in a customized cloud service way.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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