Hyper-Availability Digest: Capitalizing On The Multi-Cloud Environment

The cloud has created a disruptive environment in the IT community.

The growing adoption of public cloud infrastructure and the shift of data from on-premise to off-premise means customers can no longer rely on a single cloud environment to manage their data.

IDC predicts more than 85 percent of enterprise IT organizations will commit to a multi-cloud environment by 2018.

Dante Orsini, SVP of business development at iland, says, ’The larger the organization, the higher the probability that people are going to be using different cloud [environments] for different workloads.’

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Veeam has expanded its portfolio to address the shift to multi-cloud adoption with solutions that enable customers to protect data, using the cloud provider that best matches their target workloads, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Matt Kalmenson, VP of cloud and service providers of the Americas at Veeam, says, ’The consumers of technology can then really leverage technology any way they want, and they can make decisions based off of what’s best for that business and not get technology lock-in.’

Veeam also offers its partners the flexibility of building different revenue streams based on how they want to sell their services to customers.