‘Major’ GitHub Outage Briefly Halts Developers

Developers were locked out of source code hosted by the world's largest code repository, a subsidiary of Microsoft, for more than 40 minutes


GitHub, the leading repository of open source code, suffered a severe outage for more than 40 minutes Monday morning, freezing the work of some developers that rely on the Microsoft subsidiary.

Several services for accessing source code became inaccessible on the hosted repository. The San Francisco-based organization's status page described the event as a "major outage."

GitHub started investigating problems at 10:46 ET and said it had resolved the issue by 11:26 ET.

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Developers took to Twitter to voice frustration, with many writing the outage forced a premature break.

In June of 2018, Microsoft bought Github for $7.5 billion.

The San Francisco-based startup imparted on the world's largest software company greater credibility with developers and open software communities, which Microsoft hopes translates to mindshare with the up-and-coming generation of technology influencers.

Microsoft has been no stranger to cloud outages of its own this year. Its Office 365 suite saw two service disruptions in January.

And on May 2, Microsoft Azure went down during the migration of a legacy DNS system. Several core cloud services, including compute, storage and an application development platform, were impacted for nearly three hours.