OpsRamp Forges Close Alliance With Google Cloud

The cloud management vendor has aligned sales and marketing strategy with Google, will develop features based on Google Cloud roadmaps and sell its Software-as-a-Service through the Google Cloud marketplace.


OpsRamp has forged a comprehensive alliance with Google intended to ramp adoption of the cloud management platform among enterprises using the industry’s third-largest public cloud.

The new OpsRamp-Google partnership involves deeper technological integrations as well as close .coordination across their go-to-market organizations, Brian Hartwell, OpsRamp’s channel chief, told CRN.

As part of the deal, OpsRamp will host its AI-powered cloud management, monitoring, and discovery platform on Google Cloud, and will sell that Software-as-a-Service through the Google Cloud Marketplace. To facilitate product alignment going forward, Google will show OpsRamp its cloud development roadmaps.

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“The essence of this agreement is a much deeper aligned structure and format for business planning, customer adoption and futures roadmaps,” Hartwell said.

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OpsRamp, the San Jose-headquartered cloud management vendor, has introduced more than 150 integration points with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and GCP. While investment will continue across all three of the industry’s leading public clouds, the new relationship with Google is entirely unique in its breadth and depth, Hartwell said.

The agreement comes as OpsRamp sees a surge in enterprises choosing Google Cloud as a destination to migrate their business applications, and the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating cloud automation initiatives, he told CRN.

Customers are attracted to Google Cloud’s networking and data security capabilities, its strength as a developer platform and a strategic focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions geared to specific industries, Hartwell said.

That set of capabilities is aligning Google Cloud with both enterprise executives and IT leaders, he said, and Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian has been effectively leveraging that appeal by expanding his sales teams.

“It’s explosive right now in how they’re growing that sales force,” Hartwell said.

Google has also made major investments in its partner ecosystem that “have opened up new models to transact and created an entirely new channel community,” Hartwell said.

To build synergies with Google’s strategy, OpsRamp is investing R&D funds to develop feature sets that are highly complementary with Google Cloud, Hartwell said.

Many of those features look to assist enterprises that are accelerating their public cloud investments but need to maintain visibility into resource utilization and cost-optimization of workloads still running on-premises.

OpsRamp enables those hybrid strategies with automated IT discovery, monitoring, and event management across clouds from behind a single pane of glass, he said.

“If you have the benefit of enabling and up-leveling a partnerships with the likes of a Google Cloud, it just presents an unprecedented market upside opportunity,” Hartwell said. “This is one of those pure force multiplier strategic campaigns.”

Like many companies offering technology to better manage and automate cloud-based infrastructure, OpsRamp is seeing a surge in adoption spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies previously exploring digital transformations, or just talking about the latest buzzwords, are now pouring dollars into those initiatives, Hartwell said.