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Salesforce Partner Silverline Growing More Than 20 Percent, CEO Says

Wade Tyler Millward

‘At 500-plus people, we’re probably the largest pure play Salesforce practice that exists, or very close, which we’re proud of,’ Silverline CEO Gireesh Sonnad tells CRN in an interview.

How are things going at Silverline? 

It’s been going well. We’re having a really, really nice growth year, which we’re excited about.

We’re surpassing the growth of last year, which is exciting. And really feeling like we’re coming out of some of the stickiness that we saw in the last couple of years, if you will, which has been great.

One of the things that has changed for us in the last 12 months is the addition of a new industry. And so around this time last year we acquired an organization (Shift CRM) and started our media and entertainment practice. And that’s been going really well, too.

That’s helped us to actually get some additional offerings out into additional markets and look at ways that we can help companies in different areas.

It’s also helped us to expand geographically. The organization was located in Toronto, and so we’ve been able to push deeper into the Canadian market. And it’s been a great growth vector for us both from the headcount perspective, as well as from a client perspective.

So it’s been really nice to see some of those additional angles play out as we push the growth.

In terms of offerings in the market, certainly everything that we do is still industry focused. And, and for us, it’s even deeper than industry. It’s at the sub-vertical level. Things like our banking and lending practices are doing spectacularly well right now, just because a lot of those organizations are spending money on technology and they’re revamping the way they do things.

They’re looking at ISVs (independent software vendors) like nCino, helping with loan origination. And looking at Salesforce for help with their whole digital transformation initiatives.

So that’s been really positive, and we really like seeing that. In some of the other industries, some of the offerings have been resonating are our ability to continue to integrate and make Salesforce the one-stop shop for all the different information that they might have in their legacy environments, or maybe third-party environments.

And so this concept of bringing in data and information from other information stores that they have in their business has been really helpful to drive the transformation initiative.

One of the reasons for that is actually so that they can do a better job interacting with their clients. And so when they have more of the information from their enterprise structures, they can then use – for example, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud – to engage with and build better journeys for their clients and connect with them better.

One of the style offerings that we’ve seen an uptick in across the board is all things marketing cloud and all things interacting with our clients’ clients, and how can they do a better job of segmenting the types of communications that they are attending to those folks? That needs a high degree of very sophisticated data in order to do that well.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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