ServiceNow Nabs Deloitte All-Stars Larry Quinlan, Erica Volini

ServiceNow hires Volini to help drive its partner-centric push and names Quinlan to the company’s board of directors as it strives to reach a $15 billion run rate via acquisitions and organic sales growth.


ServiceNow has nabbed two Deloitte all-stars who combined have spent nearly 50 years at the professional services powerhouse in various executive roles as ServiceNow strives to become a $15 billion company through organic innovation as well as acquisitions.

ServiceNow’s channel business will receive a shot in the arm with the hiring of 23-year Deloitte Consulting veteran Erica Volini in a move to help drive the company’s partner-centric push. ServiceNow also appointed Deloitte’s former global chief information officer, Larry Quinlan, to its board of directors this week. As CIO of Deloitte from 2010 to June 2021, Quinlan was responsible for all facets of technology, strategy, cyber and operations, overseeing more than $2 billion and more than 10,000 professionals in 175 countries. Quinlan, who is still a principal at Deloitte, has been with the company for 26 years.

Volini this month will become senior vice president of global alliances and channel ecosystem and go-to-market operations for ServiceNow’s growing partner organization, which is a newly created role specifically forher. Most recently at Deloitte, she was principal of Deloitte Consulting, tasked with leading its global human capital organization, which included building relationships with some of the largest companies across the globe.

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“In my tenure at Deloitte, I’ve certainly learned consulting, but what I’ve been taught has been exponentially greater,” said Volini in a blog post Thursday.

“I am thrilled to be joining ServiceNow as we continue on our path to $15 billion in revenue and help our partners and customers with their digital transformation efforts,” said Volini, who could not be reached by press time. “I am passionate about helping organizations transform and redefining the very nature of how work gets done. I can’t wait to begin my journey with ServiceNow and our amazing partner ecosystem.”

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Deloitte is a global elite ServiceNow partner. ServiceNow said Volini will help the company and its channel partners drive enhanced workflow, industry solutions and build a broader community of digital transformation leaders as partners continue to be critical to ServiceNow’s strategy to reach a $15 billion run rate.

Sales at ServiceNow are on fire thanks to organic and inorganic growth. This year, ServiceNow has spent millions acquiring a trio of companies.

Just this week, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company unveiled its acquisition of analytics and PostgreSQL database specialist Swarm64. With Swarm64, ServiceNow can more effectively manage data across a variety of different use cases to execute complex, high-speed data analytics at a mass scale.

Other ServiceNow acquisitions this year include India-based automation specialist Intellibot and San Francisco-based system observability developer Lightstep.

Lightstep develops next-generation application monitoring and observability tools used by DevOps engineers to build, deploy, run and monitor cloud-native applications. On the Intellibot front, ServiceNow plans to natively build Intellibot’s RPA technology into its flagship Now Platform, extending the system’s core digital workflow capabilities by making it possible for customers to more easily automate repetitive tasks within end-to-end business processes.

In its recent second quarter fiscal earnings, ServiceNow generated $1.4 billion in revenue, up 31 percent year over year. The company now has over 1,200 customers with more than $1 million in annual contract value.

“ServiceNow is at the forefront of enabling not only companies’ digital transformation efforts but their business model evolutions as well,” said Quinlan in a statement. “I know ServiceNow. The team, the platform and the culture are truly special.”

ServiceNow said it aims to drive growth by leveraging Volini’s deep knowledge of how to combine the power of technology and people together to help customers drive digital transformation that boosts the employee experience, bottom-line sales and productivity.

“ServiceNow’s purpose of ‘making work work better for people’ deeply resonates with me because throughout my entire career, I have been focused on the evolving dynamics of work and how that can translate into meaningful business value and impact,” Volini said.

ServiceNow’s stock is up 1 percent Friday to $591.20 per share.