‘Something’s Not Quite Right’: Slack Outage Affecting Users Around Globe

The popular collaboration service has been on the fritz since early Friday morning, and can’t say when it expects to be healthy.


"Something's not quite right" with Slack, according to the collaboration service's status page.

The extremely popular platform relied on for internal communications by tens of millions of office workers started registering problems before 5 a.m. PT on Friday.

Customers reported "multiple issues regarding Slack's degraded performance" across all its popular services—login, messaging, posting files, calls and integrations with other apps through APIs were all impacted, and Slack didn't offer any predictions for when they would be back up.

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A heat map of the outage courtesy of downdetector.com suggests most of the users having problems with the service are on the East Coast of the United States, Northern Europe and in Japan, though other areas around the globe were also affected.

In September of 2018, the service went down for roughly 20 minutes. The previous June, 8 million users lost service for more than three hours because of a problem Slack identified as "connectivity issues."

Slack users took to Twitter to air their complaints. “I used to laugh when people complained that #Slack was down, until it became my daily lifeblood for communication. Now, I am laughing at myself,” one user posted.

As it has in those prior incidents, Slack on Friday morning engaged in dialogue with users on Twitter complaining of problems as it worked to restore the service.

In response to one customer requesting a post-mortem, Slack said: "Hey there and thank you! We do post a summary at the end of our outages or service disruptions. Perhaps that could be helpful?"