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The Top 25 IT Innovators Of 2023

CRN Staff

The ability to drive innovation for technology products, solutions and services is the hallmark of CRN’s Top 25 Innovators of 2023 list.

The ability to drive innovation for products, solutions and services in a challenging and ever-changing environment is the hallmark of our Top 25 Innovators of 2023 list.

Most tech companies claim to have differentiated offerings, of course. But which vendors actually deliver on their promise of innovation? And deliver in a way that creates major opportunities for partners?

For our top innovators list, we’ve selected executives that have been bringing true channel-friendly innovation to the market --- accelerating digital transformation, enabling new growth opportunities for partners and producing one customer success story after another.

What follows is our list of the Top 25 IT Innovators of 2023.

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