These Are The Stellar Cloud Startups To Know In 2023

As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are six cloud startups developing next-generation tools for managing cloud systems and keeping cloud costs under control that solution providers should be aware of.

The New Generation Of Cloud Computing Companies

While a great deal of IT hardware and software remains installed in on-premises data centers, businesses are running more of their applications and storing more of their data in cloud-based systems.

Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services alone is expected to reach $597.3 billion this year, according to market research firm Gartner, up 21.7 percent from $491 billion in 2022. IDC, meanwhile, predicted spending for public cloud services will reach $1.35 trillion in 2027.

Increasingly dispersed hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud networks can be challenging to manage, however. Applications need to be connected and integrated. Data needed for operational and analytical tasks may be dispersed across multiple silos. Just keeping track of what cloud services an organization is using—and paying for—can be a significant problem.

To help with these challenges, a new generation of startups is building leading-edge products for deploying, connecting and managing cloud infrastructure systems and applications and keeping cloud computing costs in check. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023 here’s a look at six startups founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should know.

11:11 Systems

Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Brett Diamond, Co-Founder, CEO

11:11 Systems provides managed data center infrastructure for cloud, connectivity and security requirements. In March 2023 the company launched 11:11 Connectivity Solutions, a comprehensive package of network, managed connectivity and security services.



Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Amir Khan, CEO

Alkira develops an agentless, cloud-based networking platform that integrates with third-party network solutions to provide the fastest way to the cloud. It offers a unified view and control of all multi-cloud networks, making it easy to deploy, manage and secure applications across multiple clouds.

Partners can use Alkira’s technology to help customers reduce total cost of ownership, get to the cloud faster, optimize network architecture, integrate third-party networking services into the cloud and improve visibility into cloud workloads.


Astera Labs

Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Jitendra Mohan, CEO

Astera Labs’ intelligent connectivity offerings enable compos­able, disaggregated and scalable data center infrastructure for AI and the cloud. Partners use its products and technology to ship high-performance and low-latency server solutions that unlock the promise of AI applications.



Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Webb Brown, CEO

As enterprises scale, cloud costs become an increasing burden. Kubecost provides an offering for monitoring, managing and optimizing Kubernetes spending at scale and in real time. Kubecost is used by partners and customers to monitor costs across all major cloud providers and in on-premises and air-gapped environments.

Kubecost raised $25 million in Series A funding in February 2022.



Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Chris Cochran, Co-Founder, CEO

ProsperOps is an AI-powered AWS cost optimization platform, tuned to deliver cloud savings-as-a-service through maximum savings, minimum commitment risk and reduced wasted spend. The autonomous software simplifies cloud financial management, automating complex and tedious cost optimization and reporting tasks to achieve tangible savings.

Partners can leverage ProsperOps to expand their service port­folios to provide profitable AWS cost optimization at scale and pass the platform’s autonomous discount management to cus­tomers, allowing them to generate recurring revenue streams.


Spectro Cloud

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Tenry Fu, Co-Founder, CEO

Spectro Cloud enables enterprises and government organizations to manage Kubernetes securely at scale. Its Palette management platform gives control of the full Kubernetes life cycle. With support for both VM and container workloads, Palette is a unified management platform across clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments.

Partners can use the Palette platform to accelerate customer infrastructure and app modernization. They can also overcome challenges around Kubernetes complexity, cost, skills, security and tech debt from the cloud to the edge.

Website: spectrocloud