Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: Secure And Manageable

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Dell’s new Wyse Cloud Connect device allows solution providers to access their personal desktops through any monitor or television with HTMI ports.

’It’s secure, it’s manageable,’ said Dell Vice President and General Manager Steve Lalla. ’This is the solution for the professional on the go, this is a great solution for digital signage, a great solution for enabling classrooms, this is going to change the world.’

Lalla said the device is an opportunity for partners to extend a cloud solution they already deploy, or to use it as a solution for the education and healthcare sectors.

Dell is expanding its virtual desktop solutions, Lalla told CRN, with a focus on BYOD.

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’We’re going to do a lot more to bring new device types like tablets and chrome books, as well as new solutions like our enterprise mobility solution, to enable corporations to support BYOD,’ said Lalla.