HP: New Style of IT Impossible Without Partners

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HP’s Global Partner Summit focused heavily on the ’new style of IT,’ and top executives at the company say partners are crucial to finding success in the new environment.

’You don’t get to the new style of IT as a customer without the help of a partner,’ said Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager of worldwide indirect sales for HP's Enterprise Group. ’Being in the world of hybrid IT as a customer is not something they can self-guide themselves through, so we think partners are more critical than ever.’

Barsamian said the new style of IT is all about taking converged infrastructure to converged cloud, using an all-in-one program that extends to devices and partners.

’You can get it all here,’ Barsamian said.

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Barsamian stressed that HP’s commitment to the open stack standard makes it the ideal vendor for cloud partners.

’As people think about cloud, in many ways, there’s nothing open about cloud if you with proprietary vendor stacks. You can get as locked into the cloud as you do in the old legacy world of IT,’ Barsamian warned.

’We are the leading contributor to the open stack standard and we think it’s the only way to go hybrid cloud,’ Barsamian said.