Channel Chiefs: Hybrid Cloud Is Already A Trend

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Cloud computing has come into play in just about every segment of business, no matter the industry. CRN recently asked channel chiefs their thoughts on the hybrid cloud model.

’I think right now, a lot of people are thinking hybrid cloud,’ said IBM’s Tami Duncan, who said that previously there has been a lot of focus on public cloud. ’I think we’re just getting to that cusp of, you know, now we want to look at how we start to connect those two together. So I think that this next five years in terms of those connections is going to be incredibly powerful.’

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Rackspace’s Will Knight said adoption of the hybrid cloud model already has taken place. He said the conversation is now, ’what kind of hybrid environment do you want, not are you going to have a hybrid environment.’

’The change has happened, it’s just a matter of how much some of the partners are recognizing it’s happening underneath them,’ Knight said.

Cisco’s Bruce Klein said the opportunities for partners to build relationships with IT departments is huge. ’The end user is trying to do two things: They’re trying to grow their business and differentiate their business, and they’re trying to cut costs. And this technology and this model helps them do that. Now what they’re battling is getting control of it,’ Klein said.