The IT Buzzword of 2015 Will Be ...

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With 2014 wrapping up, the IT and channel communities are looking ahead to the new year. So, what will 2015 bring? What will be the hottest buzzword of the year?

It’s nothing new, but IT professionals agree cloud will continue to dominate the conversation.

’For us it’s cloud. Right now we’re working on a program trying to figure out how to work with our partners on a cloud strategy, and on a cloud program,’ said Michelle Krajewski of F5 Networks.

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Oracle’s Sharlene Ratcliff agreed the big questions around cloud in 2015 will pertain to how to ’evangelize opportunities’ around cloud, and particularly that ’some of the profit models and go-to-market models are going to need to shift as companies reevaluate what their opportunities are.’

Following along those lines, Verizon’s Janet Schijns predicts the cloud-enabled Internet of Things will explode on the marketplace. However, she said, the real opportunity will be in the futuristic-sounding concept of ’singularity.’

’Singularity is when machines pass the human processing power, and there’s a whole movement around it,’ Schijns said.

If that sounds a little too spooky, rest assured that human calculation will always have a place in IT.

Jill Donohue of MoreDirect predicts ’collaboration’ will be the buzzword of 2015. ’I don’t think it’s a new buzzword by any means, but I think it’s a big word that people have to continue to collaborate to do things quicker, smarter, faster,’ she said.