Oracle: High Security Customers Think 'Cloud-First' Now

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End users want to put more sensitive applications in the cloud -- and that’s a great thing for ISVs, according to Oracle.

Oracle Senior Director of ISV and SaaS strategy Kevin O’Brien said when ISVs started working with the cloud, it was only CRM and ’lighter weight’ applications that were realistically embraced.

’Now if you look at some of the applications going into the cloud they are some of the more secure, some of the most scalable applications out there: financial services, banking, public sector,’ O’Brien said.

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O’Brien said the biggest shift is that ISVs don’t need to convince end users that the cloud is the way to go.

’The customers are asking for it -- that’s the change,’ he said. That rings true for business verticals with the highest security demands: banking and the public sector.

Customers have a cloud-first buying mindset, and for ISVs, there is a bigger opportunity than ever in capitalizing on enterprise SaaS applications.

’Oracle has more enterprise SaaS applications than any vendor in the market. And we’re actively partnering with software companies through the Oracle cloud marketplace to make them visible to our customers, and to allow our customers to more effectively find and provision these solutions in their Oracle SaaS applications environments,’ O’Brien said.