Accenture's 4 Steps To Moving To Cloud

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Moving a business to the cloud can be a complicated process, for both the business and the partner providing the solution. Accenture Managing Director Eric Brown offers four major considerations for everyone involved in the process.

1. Get to know the cloud: As Brown puts it, "Cloud is here to stay." Research whether it makes sense in the business scenario to move to public, private or hybrid cloud.

2. Think of cloud first: "When you think about transforming workloads, when you think about refreshing technology, think of consuming services instead of building them. Think cloud first -- what's the easiest way, what's the most effective way," Brown said.

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3. Begin and end with the business: Brown said it is essential to make decisions around the cloud with the actual benefits to the business in mind. "If you can't tie the investment back to the business outcome, you're probably missing a trick," he said.

4. Secure the talent, the people, the leadership: "I think we're in a skills shortage in this space," said Brown. Technological skills are important, but leadership skills play a crucial role, as well, if a business is looking to "leapfrog" the competition.