HP, Accenture: Building Cloud Talent Starts Internally

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When asked at this week’s MIT CIO Symposium, how to find and evaluate talented personnel for cloud business transitions, Hewlett-Packard and Accenture gave the same advice: look inward.

HP Sales Director John Welch recommended that companies first look at existing internal resources, using HP's educational and training programs as an example.

"I think you would be surprised that while there may be a lack of certain talent or resource constraints because of the amount of projects that are out there and that are being asked to be worked upon, there are a lot of strong talented resources that might need a bit of education," Welch said.

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He also named the channel as a huge asset for knowledge in cloud services.

"We, as HP, we work with a lot of partners to help execute and deliver some of those services to our clients," Welch said.

Accenture's Managing Director Eric Brown echoed those sentiments. He warned the audience against blowing up an existing company and starting from scratch.

"Leverage those skill sets that you have in-house and augment them with some of the new skillsets that are going to be required moving forward," Brown said.

"That's where the knowledge, especially around those business apps, lives," Brown said.