Accenture: When On-Premise Beats Cloud

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At the recent MIT CIO Symposium, Accenture’s Eric Brown made a surprising statement for a cloud expert speaking on transforming businesses to fit in cloud models.

’There are certain cost advantages that say your on-prem [model] might be your best bet, depending on your workload,’ Brown said.

Brown was addressing a question regarding security concerns around cloud, particularly the public cloud.

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’Make no mistake about it, the public cloud isn’t for all workloads,’ Brown said. He elaborated that some data should always live in a privately managed data center, at least for the time being.

’Now I think over time that’s going to change, but I don’t foresee in the future that everything -- at least in the short term -- moves instantaneously to the public cloud,’ he said.

Brown said the key to knowing whether data should live in the cloud or on-prem comes from the economic model tied to the workload, and how consistent the workload is over time. He stressed the importance of understanding the consumption model of a business.

’It goes back full circle to understanding your business,’ Brown said.