Accenture: Understanding Consumption Models Around Cloud

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The rapidly shifting digital economy has forced businesses to reinvent the ways in which they operate -- internally and externally. For IT companies, according to Accenture, the way to work and be successful with cloud innovations will "fundamentally change" based on the "notion of everything as a service."

Accenture's Eric Brown pointed out the impacts new technologies, including big data and connected devices, will have on IT, such as managing huge amounts of data and demand for 24/7 support. However, changes have already occurred in the cloud space, where there is demand that IT companies learn new consumption-based models.

"There are a lot of nuances that actually go into how to truly drive a consumption-based model," said Brown.

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Brown said that means looking into IT companies’ operations and understanding how that business consumes services from its own providers.

"The provider space, specifically in the cloud -- and public cloud where it's a true utility-type model -- not all of the services and the consumption models associated with those are the same. A lot of care and time needs to be put into this to understand how each of the models interact, and interact with your business and enable your business," Brown said.

Brown said the new consumption models around cloud is "ushering in a new way to look at IT" and "fundamentally changing how we operate."

Perhaps even more importantly, successful consumption models enable speed and agility for IT companies -- boosting a company’s overall performance and value as a service provider.