IBM Predicts Cloud Will Disrupt Analytics Business

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Over the past decade, cloud computing has acted as a disrupter in several areas of IT business. Soon, according to IBM, it will overhaul one area of technology that has been in rapid growth itself: data analytics.

’I think we’re at a new stage where cloud is going to be disruptive to the analytics and to the data organizations,’ said Robert Picciano, IBM senior vice president of analytics.

Picciano said the first stage of cloud was ’really about disrupting the economics of IT.’ Cloud was next used as a ’platform for continuous innovation and delivery.’

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Picciano predicted cloud will be most utilized next around both the Internet of Things and as an engine for analytics business growth. The IBM SVP said unrealized data needs to be tapped in to through the cloud because ’it does absolutely affect customer behavior, customer choice, it affects the effectiveness and efficiency of products and services.’

Furthermore, he said, that data will dictate enterprise and organizational decision making.

’So, when you think about cloud, you need to think about it in those dimensions,’ he said.